Craziest Lover . Free MP3 Download of Full Album

Craziest Lover . Free MP3 Download of Full Album


Full 10 track .mp3 digital download available immediately after checkout.

Track List:

1. Luv Triangle 1:52

2. I Am 3:43

3. Stars Align 2:01

4. Catch Me 2:28

5. On The Road 2:13

6. There Was You 2:11

7. Coming For You 1:19

8. C’Mon People 6:09

9. No Sleep 3:45

10. Love Him Too (original version) 4:15

Introducing the 3rd Orangepeelmystic release: Craziest Lover! Recorded in 2018 in Hadley, MA by Orangepeelmystic. Self released in August 29, 2018 by Orangepeelmystic.

A inspired fusion of dance, synth pop, hip hop rhythms, the latest and freshest style. This is the first album Orangepeelmystic reveals her vocal secret.

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c.2018 orangepeelmystic

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